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Austin Walsh, Internet Marketing Specialist

Austin was born on the south side of Chicago, son of Bill Walsh, world renowned business and success coach and founder and CEO of Powerteam International. Austin was already instilled with the entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of twelve he began to Dj 8th grade graduation parties, and birthday parties. He turned this into a successful buisness and started to become known for throwing some of the largest dance parties on the south side. On his 17th birthday he threw a birthday party with over 600 in attendance for free. He turned around and in a month had a New Years Eve Party with a thousand in attendance at $15 dollars ahead.

After finding great success in the area of planning massive parties, he came out with the idea of teaching others how to use Social Media such as Facebook. He learned ways to grow fan pages to a thousand plus people in a little over a week and keep the growth continuous. He then developed a monthly coaching plan to help entrepreneurs boost there presence on Facebook through fan pages. Some of his more known clients are people such as Mark Victor Hansen, Gary Goldstein, Matt Morris, Crystal Dwyer, Bill Walsh, and Marc Accetta. He continues to teach and inspire people younger then him, and has many plans for the future.