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Fatimah Moore

Grassroots Training Center
Dallas / Los Angeles
As a Software Traveling Trainer for the past 17 years, It's now time to take my company, Grassroots Training Center Global. First, at GTC we have had the opportunity to reach out to the technical and medical community over the years to Train the medical professionals on the use of their Electronic Medical Record (EMR). We understood during this time our role as trainers but now know the expertise we bring to this type of client. We intend to reach back out to these medical facilities and support their training efforts by building and developing eLearning tools for their employees. We also intend to reach into the communities and train moms and dads that are entering or re-entering the workforce. We know that jobs have to stay on our shores and they should also stay within our communities. Lastly, we will never forget about our Baby Boomers and provide them with technical tools to keep them thinking and acting in ways that make contributions.
So, Grassroots has a lot on its plate, but we intend to transfer our skills to a broader sector of humanity.
Wednesday, February 6

10:00am CST

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