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Amy Myers

Amy Myers & Co
Dallas, Texas
A whole generation of kids are growing up without any meaningful foundation in emotional intelligence or social connection. More than ever before, it has become normalized for people to avoid connecting with others – even avoid connecting with others altogether, instead isolating themselves with technology and the internet, which have become ubiquitous. If you go anyplace public and take even a passing glance around, you will see immediately just how ubiquitous technology addiction is. Simon Sinek perhaps said it best: “They’re addicted to dopamine.”
Yes, when young people stare at their phones with their glazed-over faces, they are chasing a dopamine rush, the same way that gambling and smoking addicts chase dopamine rushes when they pull the lever on a slot machine and light up “just one more” cigarette. Each one is an iteration of the same function, and unless we start to teach kids and teenagers the meaning of commitment and the power of emotional intelligence, we are setting them up for failure later on. Depression, drug reliance, therapy reliance, more homicides, more suicides, it all is waiting in the pipeline unless we take drastic measures to change things.
I am passionate about addressing technology addiction, serving youth and their parents and promoting a systematic approach to fighting back against this epidemic.
The long-term implications of Technology addiction is
alarming and I feel strongly that we need some social
awareness around healthy usage and empowerment
for kids that are exposed to information they are not
developmentally ready for. As you can tell, I am pretty
much a big nerd at heart. I have an insatiable desire to
help people reach their true potential.